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Overview is a Cinema Drone company based in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Josh Dunn is the Drone Pilot, and Ben Ruffell is the Camera Operator.
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We own and operate a fleet of drones, offering solutions for various budgets.

We have CAA Part 102 Certification.

All of our equipment is fully insured for film and commercial production
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Alta 8
Heavy Lift Drone
This drone stabilizes with a MoVI M15 Gimbal and carries a digital cinema camera.
We prefer to fly our Red Dragon Camera, but can accommodate other cameras such as the Alexa Mini.
Multiple lens options can be flown including PL Mount Anamorphics.
Focus and Iris lens control is available.
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DJI Inspire 2 X5S
5.2K Cinema DNG RAW Camera, ProRes 422HQ
Olympus Lens Set
One or Two Man Team
25 minute flight time
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VR 360 Drone
We have extensive experience flying 360 VR rigs on our drones. Both top mount, and underslung.