MoVI M15 Hand Held 3 Axis Gimbal Stabiliser
available in Queenstown, New Zealand from DOP Ben Ruffell.

I provide a system. Everything that is needed to shoot with the M15 is included.

The package is self contained. One phone call, one booking, one supplier.

I can Ski with the MoVI, I am a Skiing Cameraman.

The MoVI is operated by a team of two technicians. An Operator, and a Grip.

- Two Red Epic Dragon camera kits.
Keep one camera built into the MoVI for the day.

Wireless Follow Focus
- Axis 1.
This is the best single channel wireless follow focus available.

Wireless HD Video
- Paralinx Tomahawk HDSDI Video System.
This is the longest range video transmitter available.

- MoVI Controller.
Professional control.

- Eartec Intercoms.
For easy communication.

- Easy-Rig, Serene Arm
For longer takes and smoother movement.